Absolutely capital-G-great’ – Cynthia Ozick


Mocht je toevallig niet eerder vertaalde verhalen van Cynthia Ozick aan het vertalen zijn, dan zouden wij, de redactie van Tirade, je vertaling, na voltooiing, graag lezen. Het inzenden van zo’n vertaling is: heel eenvoudig.

David Foster Wallace bracht Ozick in 1997 ter sprake in een interview met David Wiley.

Q:  ‘You’ve mentioned Ozick before in other interviews. She’s amazing isn’t she?’

A: ‘Here’s what’s cool is that this is this hyper-educated, very seriously Jewish person writing about a culture and ethnicity that I know very slightly, and mostly only from books, and whom I — number one, the prose is just completely luminous, but number two, I find myself feeling stuff for these folks that I sure don’t feel for most of the people who look just like me in regular life. There’s this magic that stories can do, and the thing that is transcendent about Ozick is that she’s extremely canny and familiar with language and fiction as artifice and all that stuff, and manages not to offend your sensibilities about that stuff, while at the same time creating these really kind of luminous, luminous, luminous stories. There are maybe two or three living American writers who I think are just absolutely capital-G-great, and she’s one of them.’

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